I'm New


Looking for service times, directions, and what to expect? You're in the right place. We know it can be scary to visit a new church for the first time, so we’ve put together a short guide to your visit.

When we Meet

Sunday Mornings

10:30 am

Sunday Evenings (see calendar)

7:00 pm

What To Expect

When should I arrive?
Our morning services get going from 10:30am. Although our Sunday service starts at 10:30am, you will want to get there a little early – meeting new people and registering your children into our children's ministry all takes time. If you’re driving to church, rest assured we have plenty of parking space.

What's the culture like? What should I wear?
Sundays at Network Vineyard are informal and relaxed. Come as you are and you will be welcomed as you are.

What can I expect?
What does a service look like? Services begin with a band leading the church in musical worship – the song lyrics will be on the screens, so no need to feel embarrassed if you don't know the words. After musical worship, there is teaching from the bible, followed by a time for prayer ministry. This is an opportunity to receive prayer for healing, encouragement, to hear from God and be uplifted. In total a Sunday morning service is around one hour 30 minutes long, finishing around 12pm.

What about my kids and teens?
JAM (Children's Ministry)
We believe that our children should have a real meeting with each other and a real meeting with God at church every single week... and it should be fun! When the weather is good our children are often out in our extensive gardens for high energy spiritual content and connection. As your children’s safety is our number one priority, we have a check-in process to follow every time you visit so you’ll need to leave yourself an extra ten minutes to get them signed in on the day.

Youth and Teens
Just like children, we want our 11 to 18 year-olds to have an awesome time hanging out every week. Our youth team prepare a fantastic session each week with interesting discussions, sharing stories and games – all focussed on getting to know God a little better! 

How To Contact Us

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