Our Vision

“The Transformation of Society through the Message and Power of Jesus Christ”

Transformed people transform society and we understand from the gospels that the best way this is achieved is through the breaking in of God’s kingdom into our lives; the signs of God’s kingdom are healing, release from spiritual bondage, miracles, spiritual gifts and, most significantly, salvation. Salvation provides access to God, a place in his family, life after death and a role in his continuing mission on earth – that all peoples will know him and praise him eternally.

Our Mission

“Making Disciples! …who are transformed by God, love the world, share Jesus, use their gifts, develop others.”

I had a dream of a combine harvester harvesting a field of grain and as it went along, behind it, it was leaving the name “Vineyard”. The name “Vineyard” was written in different script, some italic, some bold, some block.

Sarah Gardiner, December 1989


As I was praying with a friend, she had a picture of Lakeview (later to be renamed Network Vineyard) as a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She felt God saying that “Going Public” was like the cellophane being removed from the bouquet and people would become aware of the beautiful fragrance the flowers had.

A couple of nights later I had a dream in which I saw it was as if God was holding Lakeview (Network Vineyard) as a bouquet of flowers. He took a bunch of strong tall grasses with large seed-heads and added them to the bouquet. I felt he was saying Lakeview (Network Vineyard) will not only produce a pleasing fragrance but will be extremely fruitful. This will be in terms of seed sown in people’s lives, producing a harvest of righteousness in individuals who are believers and in those who will become believers through the church’s ministry, but I felt God say particularly that Lakeview (Network Vineyard) will be a parent and “grandparent” church to a large number of other churches. I felt he has put within this church the seeds of other churches. The heads of seed each signify a church to be planted out of Lakeview (Network Vineyard) and the seeds on each head signifying other churches to come out of each church. I’m not sure of the timescale but I felt the number of churches directly descendants (sic) of Lakeview (Network Vineyard) would be around 22….

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