Culture & Values

Making the vision happen!

To achieve our vision to see lives transformed by Jesus, as a Church community we have set ourselves these priorities. We wish to see these cultures in all spheres of our Church life, in how to serve and love others and how we reach out to our community. 

Underlying values: Evangelism, Mercy

Underlying values: Kingdom of God, Encounter, Prayer, Worship, Biblical Instruction

Underlying values: Family, Fellowship

Underlying values: Engagement, Giving

Underlying value: Team Ministry

Culture is built upon Values

The values we aspire to have within our church community 

We want to share our faith in a loving way to build relationships which lead others to trust in Christ for their salvation.

We want to spend time with other Christians, encouraging, exhorting and caring about them.

We want to know, experience and share God’s supernatural presence, hear his voice and follow hard after Him.

We want to talk, share and communicate with God through words, actions and through spiritual disciplines.

We want to be familiar with and a have a growing desire to know the truths of Scripture written in the bible.

We want to be generous and be known as a generous church, providing a portion of our finances to support ministry and others in need.

We want to offer hope and practical help to people regardless of background, faith, gender or lifestyle. Mercy is fundamental to all that God does in salvation.

We want to create a sense of ‘family’ in the community of God, the ‘wider’ family of the church and in our communities.

We want to move in the presence of God’s Kingdom, inviting the Holy Spirit’s powerful presence, and seeing signs and wonders, physical and emotional healing, prophecy and the exercise of spiritual gifts.

We want to be a community that gives praise and thanks to God and his amazing love for us.

We want everyone to be actively involved and serving in the life of the church (everybody gets to play!).

We want to be a community that embraces growth of the church through the multiplication of groups, ministries and teams and desiring to work with and through others, sharing the load.

A vision statement is a road map – giving direction, inspiration and the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

Culture is something people do without thinking. Shaping culture starts with what we value. A church’s values are the beliefs that the church actually live out.

Values come from our heart. The decisions we make knowingly or unknowingly are based on what we value.

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