To our dear church community,

we have spent most of today networking with other church leaders in the Vineyard movement and wider, and researching the most recent information from the Church of England. As a consequence of this, we are sad to say that, along with many churches across our country, we have decided to stop gathering in groups with immediate effect, both on Sundays and with our small group meetings.

These are unprecedented times for us as a nation and while we will miss the usual points of contact we normally have, we want to look to doing church differently and being church together in other ways. We are planning to stream a version of our service on Sunday (more details to follow) and, very importantly, can we encourage each other to be present for each other as much as possible, as well as looking out for our neighbours in our communities. A phone call, or text message, can make a huge difference to both the giver and the recipient and where there are practical needs, or ways in which loneliness can be kept at bay, do please let us know. Let us pray and keep in touch with one another and we will let you have more information about the plans going forward soon.

“Since ancient times no-one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God beside you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for Him.” Isaiah 64:4


Rob, Sarah and the SLT

Updated 17th March 2020

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