We are offer the following through the Mercy team based at the Reading site.

Kate Bond: CAP Life Skills Manager with special responsibility for Mercy Communications and Strategic Support.

Jo Kay: Heads up Mercy Central. Loves working with our wonderful team as well as helping clients work their way out of previously unmanageable debt.

Ray Mullen: Heads up hospitality for the CAP Job Club and weekly drop in. Always available to listen and pray for our precious delegates!

George Mullen: CAP Job Club Manager, senior member of the CAP speaker team, CAP Money coach & Community links coordinator for the CAP work at NVC.

Driven by our Christian ethos, we aim to provide hope to people regardless of background, faith, gender or lifestyle in a variety of ways. In particular, Mercy Central aims to meet some of the immediate needs of the most vulnerable members of society, to provide help to individuals and families in clearing previously unmanageable debt, to equip people to enter or re-enter the world of employment, and to offer life-long money management skills to avoid future financial problems. Mercy Central aims to equip individuals and families to live healthy and sustainable lives, in positive relationships and with as much control as possible over their employment and finances.

Jo Kay leads the Mercy team which is an independent charity. There are many ways you can get plugged-in and serve those in need, please contact Jo for more details.