Membership of Network Vineyard is simply becoming involved with us. As in any other church there will be those who wish, or through circumstances, can only be somewhat less involved as attendees. We are very happy for that to be the case. We want to be a church where everyone can come, feel welcomed and accepted and find their way at their own pace. Membership is involvement, and if you wish to become a member there are two events we ask you to attend (welcome event and the discovery course) and the following four or five things we ask you to do.

We meet on Sundays every week. These are important gatherings for corporate worship, teaching and ministry. Regular involvement in these events is an important part of membership. God designed us to be in community together, to encourage, challenge and support one another.

Coming regularly on Sundays and joining a life-groups provide opportunities for you to get know others and settle into our church family. We encourage people to commit to both as much as circumstances allow at either site; Reading or Bracknell.

We want to see people accepted into our Church family wherever they are on their journey of faith.

We want to be generous people, providing the church with the resources to do things well, as well as demonstrating God’s generosity outside this church in what we give away. We believe the bible encourages us to learn to depend on God in this area by tithing some of our income. Give by clicking on the icon below.

Where you are currently involved in another fellowship, rather than being between churches, it is very important to us that you go to your leaders there and ask them to release you with their blessing.

Give on-line

Please click the link below to give electronically on-line, either a one-off or to setup a monthly pledge, thank you!

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