Life-groups are at the very heart of our Church.

They are small gatherings of church members that meet during the week. These run on a termly basis, so look out for the updated catalogue at the beginning of each term. These small groups are at the core of Network Vineyard Church and we really do encourage every member to find and commit to a group that suits them.

Life-groups provide a place to meet friends, grow in faith and experience meaningful fellowship with others. We have a variety of groups to choose from, each with their own feel and style. Often groups will have times of outreach and social activities.

Look at the info below, there is also a map showing the locations and a description of each group. In Bracknell, speak with Tony or in Reading speak with Rob.

Home-groups are a place where you can get to know other people, pray together, worship and discuss the Bible in a friendly environment.

 Course-groups run for one term only with a particular focus in mind allowing you the chance to explore a particular topic in depth.

 Activity groups are a great chance to meet people with similar interests and to explore faith in a relaxed environment.

How do I join a life-group? See below for a list of current life groups. Alternatively, pick up a life-group catalogue from the connect zone at the Sunday meeting.