Kingdom First – David’s testimony

Have you ever wondered what “Spiritual” growth is? When we understand that life has both a visible, material component and an invisible, spiritual component, then we begin to understand. Spiritual Growth is growth in the invisible, spiritual dimension of life.

Jesus has a foundational desire that we grow in this dimension and that we grow in this dimension first; not because the needs of the visible world are unimportant but because the spiritual strength to minister effectively into them flows from the spiritual realm. This invisible realm in the bible is called “The Kingdom of God”. And Jesus says, “Seek first the Kingdom of God” Matt 6:33.

Although this realm is invisible, we see its effects in the life of Jesus. When Jesus was filled with the Spirit, the bible says that he was also filled with spiritual power and went around the country healing the sick, casting out demons, and performing miracles. When the disciples started doing the same, after they were filled with the Spirit, we also understand that this is “normal” Christianity. So… built into the DNA of the Vineyard is a desire to follow Jesus: to move in the presence of God’s kingdom seeing Signs and Wonders, physical and emotional healing, prophecy, and the exercise of spiritual gifts.

Kingdom First is our discipleship training for Kingdom Living designed to help you grow in the understanding and practice of the kingdom, learning to pray for the sick, share your faith, and hear God (prophecy). You will also have the opportunity to pray through personal strongholds and barriers to your own spiritual growth. It will stretch you, transform you and equip you to live a supernatural lifestyle.

The training is in modules. Year 1 which has two intakes, one in October and the second in January. Year 2 has one intake each October.

We highly encourage everyone to commit to at least one year of Kingdom First. It is highly transformational! Keep an eye out for announcements and subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when registrations are open.