“And my message and my preaching were very plain. Rather than using clever and persuasive speeches, I relied only on the power of the Holy Spirit”.

1 Corinthians 2:4 (The Bible)

Sharing our faith in a loving way to build relationships which lead others to trust in Christ for their salvation.

Our motivation for going out on the streets is the amazing love of God – we want to share this with our community. We are a group of Christ-passionate people who truly care for the people in Reading and Bracknell; H.O.T.S. is one of the ways we can show this. Whether the people we meet are healed or not, we desire that they are left in no doubt that God loves them.

We try to keep H.O.T.S. as natural as possible, this means we always introduce ourselves, tell people what we are going to do and ask their permission before laying hands on them. We always start by ‘lifting’ the person up to God, that His love would surround them and that they would know His love. We then take authority over the sickness or injury telling it to go – fully believing that it will.

We believe that God can heal every sickness (emotional, mental and physical), pain, crippling disease or deformity, create body parts, dissolve implanted metal and plastic and turn them into bone and flesh, and can bring life to the dead. We are not afraid to acknowledge some are not healed – we are only imperfect people trying to Gods will. We work in the Kingdom authority given to us by God.

If you are interested in joining the H.O.T.S. team, please contact Rob Gardiner. If you have not received training at one of the training sessions then you will be asked to come along to ‘H.O.T.S. Inside’ which happens the first and third Sunday each month. This is where we do H.O.T.S. exactly as on the streets, just in church, and is a great way to receive some training and gain experience within a safe setting.

1. Interview

Ask them what is wrong and what they would like prayer for.

2. Diagnosis

What might have caused the problem? is it natural or supernatural?

3. Prayer Selection

What sort of prayer should be prayed?

4. Happening?

What’s happening?

Post-prayer Direction

What now? Ask them how they feel. Give any words of knowledge you might have received. Leave them knowing God loves them.